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    Whealth International is a leader in management of local and regional healthcare solutions.

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Welcome To Whealth International

Whealth International comprises of a seasoned team that brings over 30 years combined experience in both International and Local Health Insurance. Whealth International offers new perspectives on Health Insurance, loyalty to its partners and members. Whealth International is a leader in management of local and regional healthcare solutions...

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    Worldwide Coverage and 24/7 Assistance, a Multicultural Team, Dedicated to all stakeholders, a Team Of Consulting Physicians and A Medical Network...

    Our Strengths

    Dedicated Network teams, Direct Billing Agreements for out-patient and in-patient, Seasoned in house consulting physician working in claims...


    State of the art online platform including mobile applications for better client comfort. Our advanced computer systems allow us to provide an unparalleled...

Latest News

Feb 12 2015 0 comments

Whealth gives our partners real time access to their live reports.

At Whealth we are very proud of our 100% transparency standards. We are pleased to now be able to give all our partners real time access...

Jun 16 2015 0 comments

Whealth Introduced To The UAE Health Insurance Leadership.

Whealth International is established to bring a new and fresh VIBE to the field of Healthcare Administration driven by experience...

Plan Administration

  • We provide comprehensive employee benefits administration. We administer the following types of plans on a regular basis: Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life insurance and Health reimbursement arrangements. We can also administer other plans, as needed by the client. Our basic services include:

  • Customized to meet each of our client’s specifications and requirements. We prepare reporting to ensure verification of all premiums received to ensure the proper allocation for benefit eligibility. We maintain full accounting of delinquent payments and all disbursement activity.

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